• President - Jaganbabu R Ganji, C/O. C/1104, RNA Complex, Sunder Nagar, Kalina, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400098
  • Gen. Secretary – Kante Ashok


  • Marks and Grades do not DENOTE Learning ! Yes..
    Marks do not reveal how the learning happend !
    Marks do not reveal , how much it costed you to learn !
    Marks do not reveal the greatness of those taught and learned !
    Marks do not reveal how happily blissfully you learned !
  • Grades are of special interest to those people who want to HIRE You !
    Grades are for those who want to buy you as Naukar !
    Grades are the way you are COMMODITISED !
    Grades have no value for you.. because u know what you learned !
    If you are doing some service to others, they dont check your grades..
    They look for quality of your work and service ! Is it not !
    If you want to command good S A L E price, aim for G O O D G R A D E !
    Grades are yardsticks for others to price you..
    Grades have no value for you to know your own learning.. You know your learning even without grades ! In long run, all your effort for grades and marks will surely help others to TOIL you for them .. and not help you !
    If you think you can use grades and marks as tools to fool others, surely you are fooling yourself, It is invain to do so.. Even if you fool others, it is you who will loose more..not others .. Make a note of it.. Dont learn for marks and grades !
    Grade craziness otherwise denotes one's dependence on others !
    Sell to Learn.... and Sell the learning..